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Hoop Coops

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Hoop Coops and Animals

  • Grass-fed animals are pastured in movable buildings while fertilizing fields
  • Animals can be fully contained and moved with the structure or allowed to graze outside of the building
  • Roosts, waterers, and feeders can be installed to move with the structure
  • Provides increased security against aerial and ground predators

Movable Structures

  • Frame rests on pipe skids that are easily dragged in line with the length of the structure; additional bracing can be added to allow for lateral movement
  • Buildings can be moved with tractors, animal traction, winches, or pulleys
  • Frame and movement system are adapted from movable high tunnels
  • Gothic style roof allows for taller sidewalls and improved snow/wind load capacity


  • Movable structures allow for increased flexibility during construction and use
  • Structures can be used seasonally for animals, vegetable production, or storage
  • Shade cloth and greenhouse plastic can be used to account for climate and seasons


Exclusive Pipe Skid Movable System Gothic Roof Design
6' Center-to-Center Hoop Spacing 13ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Sidewall Hoops
13ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Pipe Skid/Tow Bar 14ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Roof Hoops 
14ga 1-3/8" Galvanized Steel Bracing Wood or Metal Endwall and Sidewall Construction
Multiple Truss Options Integrated Movable Anchoring Kit
Multiple Ventilation Options Plastic or Twin Wall Polycarbonate Endwall Covering
Single or Double Layer 6mil Plastic Covering

Optional Lateral Movement Kit


Width: Length:
10'  16'
16' 36'
20' 48'

Note - 10'W x 16'L Hoop Coops use 1-3/8" Galvanized Hoop Material



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