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Four Season Tools

Four Season Tools offers sustainable agriculture solutions. We specialize in designing season extension structures and scale-appropriate systems, which are developed and practiced at City Bitty Farm in Kansas City, MO. At Four Season Tools, we believe that with efficient systems, innovative solutions, and season extension structures, we can build better farms to localize our food system, to feed our own communities with small scale farmers, and create a more sustainable future.

Join us in building 100,000 new farms.


Greg Garbos - FST President & Founder


Greg Garbos

Greg has spent his career pursuing and promoting skill-based service - a philosophy of using your unique talents  and skills to make a difference in the world. As a trained engineer, Greg has applied his skills to implementing solutions for sustainability. His love for nature came from a childhood in a tiny town nestled in the mountains of southern New Hampshire. There he was inspired by his passive solar home with a solar thermal water heating system custom designed and built by his own parents. His drive for an altruistic career was influenced by his father’s aerospace engineering fellowship and his mother’s biblical scholarship. They encouraged Greg to apply his knowledge and interpersonal skills to help others.     

Greg received both his bachelors and masters engineering degrees from Duke University in under four years. There he spent much of his free time leading excursions into the wilderness so that other students could share in his passion for the environment.  Greg worked for Sustainable Mobility Technologies, an advanced engineering team within Ford Motor Company. At Ford he was selected for a rotational leadership development program and worked in various business disciplines, including engineering, manufacturing and the management of programs implementing hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid technologies, and biofuels.      

Greg’s interest in triple-bottom line companies continued as he became the Controller for a technical sales company in the energy sector. There he handled the operations of the company and led the design and implementation of propriety data management systems. His passion for energy conservation and renewable energy has also led Greg to become a LEED Accredited Professional with the U.S. Green Building Council and a Certified Green Professional with the National Association of Home Builders. Using this knowledge he performed building energy audits then facilitated energy improvements and the installation of renewable energy solutions.

Greg tests FST's ideas and concepts on his farm in Kansas City - City Bitty Farm

Greg also co-founded a company specializing in green roofing, rooftop greenhouse, and high tunnel installation called - AgRoofs