Paperpot 1-Row Transplanter

New Paperpot 1-Row Transplanter
Brand: Johnny's Selected Seeds
Product Code: T-400-08
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Amazing Labor Savor - Ideal Tool for Heavy Succession Plantings - Get Ahead of the Weeds - Get A Jump on the Season 

A single person can quickly transplant trays of 264 seedlings. Paper pots are linked in a chain which feeds through the Paperpot Transplanter. Pull down the bed and seedlings are 'automatically' planted at 2in, 4in, or 6in spacing. Adjustable metal sweeps hill the soil over sides of paper pots; packing wheels tamp it down. 

Part # T-400-08 is the 1-Row Paperpot Transplanter Tool from France 

Systems Requires: (All sold separately)
- Paperpot Transplanter Tool (reusable)
- Paperpot Trays (reusable)
- Paperpot Frame and Spread Bars (reusable)
- Paper Chain Pots (one-time use)
- Paperpot Dibbler Board (optional)
- Paperpot Gravity Seeder (optional)