Irrigation Kits & Supplies

Irrigation Kits & Supplies
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1,000ft CHAPIN Drip Tape - 10 MIL, 1 GPM / 100ft, 4in Spacing..
3,000ft CHAPIN Drip Tape - 10 MIL, 0.5 GPM / 100ft, 12in Spacing ..
3,000ft CHAPIN Drip Tape - 10 MIL, 1 GPM / 100ft, 4in Spacing..
Patterned after the 170 Aluminum water breaker, the 170PL is an excellent choice for watering in are..
The 400PL Water Breaker provides fast, full-flow watering without damage to your plants. Patterned a..
The 1000PL Redhead water breaker has over 1,000 micro holes that create an ultra-soft flower shower ..
The 750PL Water Breaker has 750 micro-holes for a fine pattern with a slightly reduced flow rate. Th..
A must for all gardeners! Now irrigate like the pros do and save water while irrigating too!! Direc..
Drip Line Repair Tape - For Use w/ 5/8in Drip Tape..
useful for adding onto a run of tape or distributing water to a none-square garden..
Helps repair busted drip tape- cut ends of tape cleanly, push into fitting, tighten locking collar...
Used extensively by professional growers, these heavy-duty brass nozzles have three misting jets, de..
A must for greenhouses, the Wonder Waterer's™ laser-cut faceplate creates a soft, uniform spray patt..