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At Four Season Tools, we believe a systematic approach allows for more efficient operation of any sized agricultural operation. We aim to offer a large line of tools that adopt the techniques and principles used for centuries and apply them specifically to small-scale, intensive production. These tools are purpose-built and designed to be used together, enhancing the functionality of each individual tool. We provide tools and systems for every stage of a crop's life cycle, from initial ground preparation to harvest. 


We promote the 30" bed system for a variety of reasons:

  • Maximizes usable space within a Four Season Tools high tunnel
  • 30" width allows many individuals to reach across, or stand over, entire bed
  • Uniform width provides simple, standard spacing options
  • Maximizes yields per square foot using intensive growing methods
  • Standardizes equipment necessary to manage growing plots
  • Raised beds enhance drainage and air circulation in areas that need it

We have developed a catalog of our favorite tools for the 30" bed system. Here is more information about how these tools work together for a variety of functions: