Project Profiles

 Four Season Tools works with growers across the country. Here's a snapshot of a few of our projects!



FST provided planning, design, and construction services for Turner Farm on North Haven Island. The farm master plan that FST created includes growing vegetables in the protection of movable and stationary greenhouses as well as pasturing farm animals in structures that they have designed specifically for that purpose. FST has built six structures on this farm and five of them are movable buildings, including one of the 1st greenhouses ever designed to move laterally.


Turner Farm is owned by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, author of the Farm Bill, and is a primary source of food for the residents and visitors to the coastal island. 





FST designed and built a movable greenhouse for year-round vegetable production and a stationary greenhouse for education and enrichment at Powell Gardens. The movable greenhouse is the 1st one ever built in the state of Missouri and it includes automated side and endwall ventilation. This structure is a part of the recent Heartland Harvest Garden expansion and is a focal point in Barbara Damrosch's Author Garden. Food grown in this building is sampled by visitors to the gardens and included on the menu at Cafe Thyme, the on-site restaurant.





FST designed and built the 1st ever solar-powered, movable greenhouse for Seed Savers Exchange. FST integrated the photovoltaic solar panels into the structure's frame so that the panels can move along with the building, providing continuous power for ventilation and lighting.


Seed Savers Exchange, one of the largest seed banks in North America, relies on their greenhouse to control the climate and environmental conditions for heirloom seed trials. The FST design ensures that these conditions can be set and maintained as required for accurate testing and data collection.