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Cornell University High Tunnels

  • Cornell University's webpage offering information on structures, crops, current research, and marketing/budgeting information for high tunnel production.

Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group

  • #7 Season Extension Pest Management Webinar Series (November, 2010)

High Tunnels: Using low-cost technology to increase yields, improve quality, and extend the season (2007) 

  • By Ted Blomgren, Tracy Frisch, and Steve Moore

  • Offers general information and current news regarding high tunnel growing and offers links to valuable resources and listservs.

Michigan State University High Tunnel

  • Website operated by Michigan State University providing information on season extension and news regarding upcoming events and workshops.

Pennsylvania State University Plasticulture Page

  • PSU is a leader in high tunnel research and this helpful website is a great source for several topics, including construction details and crop reports.

University of Minnesota High Tunnel Production Page

  • Provides current research and events relating to high tunnel production, as well as a free manual for growers.

University of Tennesee Agricultural Building and Equipment Plan List

  • Architectural plans for greenhouses, high tunnels, storage buildings, and more.


American Horticultural Society (AHS) Heat Zone Map
  • Indicates the average number of days above 86 degrees F for the United States.
Average Depth of Frost Penetration
  • Gives an idea of the severity of individual locations' winters.
Johnny's Interactive Tools
  • Includes seed starting calendars, fall planting calendars, succession planting calendars and more.
Four Season Tools Crop Rotation Template (3-position)
  • This template allows for easy planning of crop rotation for a 3-position movable tunnel
Four Season Tools Crop Rotation Template (4-position)
  • This template allows for easy planning of crop rotation for a 3-position movable tunnel
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
  • This standard map produced by the USDA divides the US into zones according to minimum temperatures reached during the winter.




Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
  • USDA's National Agricultural Library resource containing links to publications on alternative and sustainable agricultural systems. 
Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)
  • CEFS is a site that conducts long-term, large-scale systems research.
Certified Naturally Grown
  • A non-profit peer reviewed certification agency that models their standards on the USDA Organic Standards but maintains an independent certificate, therefore, it is not accredited by the USDA Organic Program.
How to Go Organic
  • This website was developed by the Organic Trade Association to help producers and processors find the resources to make the transition to organic.
International Organic Inspectors Association
  • Non-profit, professional association of organic inspectors dedicated to verification of organic production practices.
MOSES - Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services
  • Organizes annual conferences and provides trainings, publications, and events
National Center For Appropriate Technology Sustainable Agriculture Project
  • The NCAT is funded by the USDA and provides information and other technical assistance to individuals involved in sustainable agriculture in the US.
Organic Farming Research Foundation
  • Non-profit whose mission is to sponsor research related to organic farming practices
Organic Voices
  • Contains archives of mp3 recordings from individuals and conferences discussing organic and sustainable agriculture. 
Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management
  • This reference, developed by Cornell University, is a guide for organic growers, students and professionals.
Rodale Institute
  • Non-profit organization dedicated to help people achieve organic regenerative food systems that renews environmental and human health.
The Organic Farming Compliance Handbook
  • A handbook designed to designate what methods, materials, and practices are compatible and consistent with organic standards.
US Composting Council (USCC)
  • USCC is a trade and professional organization dedicated to the promotion of composting.
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service National Organic Program
  • This site provides information on the USDA's National Organic Program, including accreditation and certification, rules and regulations, consumer information, resources and training.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service





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