FST Anchoring Strategy

Four Season Tools High Tunnels feature the best anchoring kits available. We take great pride in our structures and the integrity of the anchoring systems that keep them safe. Our fixed tunnels have several anchoring options that will be considered based on your environmental conditions. Our movable tunnels require flexible, yet robust anchoring strategies that allow the tunnels to be easily detached for movement, while still maintaining the strength required to protect your investment. We built our movable structures around the moving system, ensuring that the anchoring was up to the standards required for such systems.We have field tested our structures in some of the harshest environments around the country and believe we have created the most secure anchoring system on the market. 


V-Track High Tunnel Anchoring

Our patented integrated anchoring system utilizes a series of interior cable anchors and exterior earth anchors that tie each individual hoop to the V-Track assembly or directly to the ground. Securing the sidewall hoops to the V-Track allows the entire length of track to be utilized as an anchor. With four rebar anchors anchoring every 12' of track, this is a remarkably robust anchoring strategy. By anchoring each hoop individually, there is little risk of total-system failure, even if there was failure somewhere within the anchoring kit. In areas with frequent extreme weather, additional anchors can be installed as a precaution. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that, when properly anchored, your tunnel is secure. 


Pipe Skid High Tunnel Anchoring

The anchoring kit for FST Pipe Skid High Tunnels mimics what is used for the V-Track anchoring system, but excludes the need for track. Using a series of interior and exterior earth anchors, the system is thoroughly backed up. Our earth anchors are rated beyond anticipated load, creating a system that will withstand even the most extreme weather events. Optional anchoring upgrades allow this system to be even more secure in areas with frequent harsh weather.


Fixed High Tunnel Anchoring

Our Fixed High Tunnels feature sidewalls driven in below the frostline to prevent heaving and can be supplemented with a series of unique anchors. Our additional groundpost anchors create a wider footprint for the sidewall posts, requiring a significant amount of earth to be lifted to cause any damage. Exterior earth anchors can be utilized to increase support to individual hoops or the entire structure. Concrete can be added as a footer or an entire pad, allowing the posts to be concreted in place or secured using mounting plates and concrete hardware. 


Modular Tunnel/Hoop Coop Anchoring

A series of welded rings and galvanized T-posts offer a flexible and durable anchoring option for these structures. The unique installation of posts allows for added strength using simple materials. Our high quality galvanized steel hardware ensures that the structure and its components will stand up to severe weather over the years.