Purpose-Driven Technologies

Growing on a small-scale requires maximum efficiency to allow for economic viability. For this reason, small-scale agricultural operations have the potential to be incredibly productive. To reach this level of efficiency, it is important to be equipped with appropriate tools and technologies. These purpose-designed tools allow for maximum outputs with minimum inputs, thereby providing the greatest economic gain.

When growing in a high tunnel, specifically, it is important to use tools that minimize soil compaction and maximize usable space while still performing the necessary function. By building the tool for a specific application, the grower is maximizing his/her dollar and time. Many of these tools developed for use in high tunnels utilize the same concepts and provide the same results as tools and implements designed for outdoor use. The primary difference is that the investment required to build a collection of tools is far smaller than what would be required for a mechanized counterpart. This translates into less debt and potentially higher profits without sacrificing production capacity.

Systematic Approach

Just like many technologies promoted by Four Season Tools, these cultivation tools are designed to be used as part of a system. This extends beyond cultivation practices, and into each stage from seeding to harvest. By developing tools with the entire system in mind we can create a situation in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This intensives style of agriculture has the potential to lessen required labor while increasing production on small spaces. But the right tools are essential to achieve this level of success. Four Season Tools offers a wide variety of tools for these and other applications.