Rainwater Capture




Rainwater Collection System Overview

Whether it is to create an alternative source of water or divert runoff away from a structure, our integrated gutter system provides a durable and effective system. With seamless integration into the roof covering and the sidewall ventilation system, the integrated gutter not only effectively captures all runoff, but it also does not sacrifice form or function of the high tunnel systems. Optional in-line roof washer kits remove any particulate matter or contaminants before the water enters the storage tank.


Rainwater Collection System Impact

In addition to slowing down runoff and containing it where it lands, the water savings potential provided by integrated rainwater collection systems are incredible. Greg Garbos, President of Four Season Tools, has installed a water catchment system to his 26'W x 30'L high tunnel and attached workshop in Kansas City, MO and found the collection potential to be remarkable:

  • 1" of Rain on 1500 sq. ft. = 935 Gallons of Water
  • Average Kansas City Rainfall = 36"/Year
  • Annual Average Collection Potential = 33,642 Gallons 

Rainwater Collection System Specifications:

Pre-welded and Pre-bent Gutters and Downspouts Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Construction 
Integrated Plastic Attachment System Complete Mounting Hardware Kit
Compatible with Double-Layer Plastic Systems Compatible with Roll-Up and Drop-Down Sidewall Ventilation