Trellising Info




Tall Sidewall Option

Four Season Tools structures are unique in that a tall sidewall option is available for both the stationary and movable structures. Tall sidewalls lift the entire truss system up to a height of eight feet, which is an optimal height for trellising tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vining crops. The tall sidewall option available on our movable systems allows logical, economical usage of plot space, providing an early start for spring crops, as well as high-value summer crops.

Efficiency of Design

Our structures are designed with efficiency in mind. Trellising crops utilizes the empty vertical space in a high tunnel, as opposed to horizontal space at ground level. This allows for tighter spacing between plants, meaning a greater number of plants in the structure. 
There are other added benefits, as well. Tomatoes, for instance, are typically pruned to a single leader when trellised. This allows for earlier and more sustained fruiting period, as energy produced in the leaves is used to produce fruits, as opposed to additional stems. Lifting plants out of a prostrate position allows for greater light exposure to all the leaves and better air movement at the base of plants, allowing for greater photosynthetic activity and limiting the spread of fungal diseases. 
Trellising plants provides a neat, organized growing space that allows for easy access for weeding, mulching, and harvesting. Fruits hang from vertical plants in plain sight, making harvesting quick and simple. This also reduces the risk of fruits rotting from exposure to soil and moisture on the surface of the bed.

Functional Design

Sturdy trellis cables are installed directly to the endwall when beds run parallel to the length of the structure. They lie directly on top of the collar tie, from which they receive additional support. What results is a reliable system of plant support. Easy-to-use RollerHook trellising spools feature 2.5-4.0 mm twine to which plants are secured using plant-specific clips. Each RollerHook contains enough twine for multiple seasons, and can be reloaded to extend their functional life even further.