Trolley Systems Info




Trolley Overview

High tunnel trolley systems are designed to make material handling more simple and efficient. Not only is the capacity per trip increased, but lessened fatigue also allows more to be accomplished.

When tested at a successful microgreens operation, the time it took for an individual to move 100 trays from the harvest area to the compost heap without a trolley system was 12.75 minutes. When a trolley system was introduced, the same 100 trays took a mere 5.6 min -- over 200% increase in efficiency. This does not take into account the effects of fatigue when moving hundreds of trays by hand, which is much less of an issue when working with trolley systems.

Overhead track systems can be used for other purposes, as well. Hose hangers suspended on the same track allow bulky hoses to be moved around the greenhouse with ease, avoiding kinks and damage from abrasion. Multiple carts can be used on the same track to allow multiple individuals to work independently without sacrificing efficiency.


Trolley Considerations

The additional weight and stress caused by an overhead trolley system necessitates the installation of a truss system. It is crucial to ensure the greenhouse structure can support the weight of the system and any materials that will be handled. 

Track layout is also an important consideration, especially when utilizing switches. Because the design of the hangers and rollers require a certain positioning of the cart, switches must not cause a changed orientation of the setup. FST has worked with  clients to develop efficient and functional trolley systems and layouts. We are happy to assist through this process and make sure your trolley system works for you.


Trolley Specifications:

1-3/8" 14ga Galvanized Steel Pipe Track Pre-bent Corners and Switch Joints 
1-3/8" 14ga Galvanized Steel Cart Frame Heavy-Duty Cart Hardware
Customizable Cart Dimensions and Number of Shelves Overhead Hose Hanger Trolley Systems
Heavy-Duty Rail Hanger Featuring Adjustable Height Settings Optional Switches for Changing Tracks or Directions
Compatible with Several Tunnel Lengths and Widths Compatible with Metal and Wood Endwalls