Fixed Tunnels



Fixed High Tunnel Design

    Whether used for in-ground growing or as a transplant house, Four Season Tools has a Fixed High Tunnel to suit your needs. With a variety of sizes, ventilation options, and endwall designs, a FST fixed tunnel can be a great addition to your farm. No need to worry about adverse conditions, as our fixed high tunnels come with a full bracing kit and ample anchoring.


32" Minimum Depth for Ground Posts Gothic Roof Design
6' Center-to-Center Hoop Spacing 13ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Sidewall Hoops
14ga 1-3/8" Galvanized Steel Bracing 14ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Roof Hoops
Multiple Truss Kit Options Metal or Wooden Endwall and Sidewall Construction
Multiple Ventilation Options Multiple Endwall Design Options
Single or Double Layer 6mil Plastic Covering Plastic or Twin Wall Polycarbonate Endwall Covering
 Optional Automation Kits Optional Additional Anchoring Kits
NRCS EQUIP Funding Compatible In-ground or Benchtop Growing Compatible

Standard Size Options

Width: Length:
16' 24'
22' 48'
30' 72'
34' 96'