Pipe Skid Tunnels




Pipe Skid Design

Yet another Four Season Tools exclusive! Pipe Skid tunnels are designed to be pulled like a sled using a tractor, winch, or team of draft animals. Sturdy 13ga 2-3/8" galvanized skids with ski-style tips allow for easy and secure movement. Four Season Tools has also pioneered a lateral movement kit for use with Pipe Skid tunnels, allowing the buildings to be moved side to side.

Why Movable?

For farmers and gardeners considering the use of greenhouses for the first time, as well as for those looking to expand current availability, it is important to understand the many advantages protected cultivation provides. Four Season Tools specializes in movable greenhouse technology because we feel it is a crucial component of maximizing the economic viability of diversified farms while also improving farm efficiency, increasing food security, and simply providing more delicious locally grown food through the year. The information below is meant to provide a better understanding of the many advantages of movable greenhouses.

  • Movable systems allow multiple crops to be covered in a given year - cool season crops are able to continue growing, even after the tunnel has been moved to cover warm season crops.
  • In soil building years, mobile greenhouses allow planting long-term, deep-rooting, leguminous green manure crops on the exposed sections.
  • Avoid the increased pest pressure while also minimizing excess soil nutrients and soil borne disease issues that are often problems for stationary greenhouses.
  • Plant cold hardy crops in the spring and fall/winter while still taking advantage of full season warm crop production.
  • Movable greenhouses instantly control soil problems by exposing the soil to the purifying effects of sun, rain, wind, snow, and freezing temperatures.
  • Eliminate the expense of cooling the greenhouse when planning for fall/winter harvestable crops.  While summer crops are in the greenhouse growers can sow outdoors in the field where the greenhouse will move.
  • Movable greenhouses provide the opportunity to diversify crop rotations while at the same time incorporating long-term green manures without sacrificing greenhouse cropping potential.
  • Many of the crops are harvestable up to five weeks earlier and/or five weeks later than crops without greenhouse protection, thus extending  the length of the marketable season by as much as  2 ½ months.


Exclusive Pipe Skid Movable System Gothic Roof Design
6' Center-to-Center Hoop Spacing 13ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Sidewall Hoops
14ga 1-3/8" Galvanized Steel Bracing 14ga 2-3/8" Galvanized Steel Roof Hoops
 Full Truss Kit Integrated Movable Anchoring System
Multiple Ventilation Options Multiple Endwall Design Options
Single or Double Layer 6mil Plastic Covering Plastic or Twin Wall Polycarbonate Endwall Covering
Optional Automation Kits Metal or Wooden Endwall and Sidewall Construction
NRCS EQUIP Funding Compatible Optional Lateral Movement Kit


Standard Sizes:

Width:  Length:
16' 24'
24' 48'
30' 72'
34' 96'